Travelling through Postcards


We may not always be able to travel to the places we’d like to, but there are more ways than one to travel. Of course we’ve all indulged arm chair travel – watching TV, reading and even internet – but have you ever considered exchanging postcards.

This used to be a popular hobby in the early 1900s and now people are returning to it, enjoying the pleasure choosing a card, writing a message and posting it, as well as finding colourful and interesting mail in their mail box.

A site that enables this to happen is , a site dedicated to enabling people to exchange postcards through snail mail. Members send a postcard to a random address somewhere in the world, then that member registers it’s arrival, thus enabling the sender to then receive a postcard from another member in return.

Apart from the very simple site rule a member controls the level of their commitment – how many postcards they send how often and then receive in return. I’ve belonged a couple of years now and the list of countries I’ve received postcards from is too long to include here.

My world knowledge has expanded rapidly – places, people, customs, wildlife – and hopefully I’ve been able to increase people’s knowledge of New Zealand.

If you think you’d enjoy receiving postcards from around the world in your mail box, why don’t you give it a go.

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