Dreaming of the Ghan Railway, Australia


Have you ever had a travel dream but haven’t had the courage to make the dream come true? I’ve learned that if you really want to do something, you should. Find a way to make that trip a reality.

I’ve always wanted to travel the Ghan railway in Australia, down through the desert heart of the country from north to south, Darwin to Adelaide. I’ve dreamed of seeing the red desert and the wide expansive environment. I’ve dreamed of seeing crocodiles and camels up close and learning more about Aborigine culture. I’m a rail travel fan and so this trip seems exactly right for me.

Just over a year ago I decided the time had come to make the trip, before I got too much older. My husband is no longer mobile enough to enjoy such an adventure, so I’ve chosen to make the trip alone.

For over a year now I’ve scrimped and saved and told everyone I know what I’m doing. Some friends think I’m crazy travelling alone at my age, but others do it so why shouldn’t I. I’m quite happy with my own company and at the same time I’ll be mixing with others.

July 2017, ten months out from the proposed journey, I booked the trip. Since then I’ve continued saving and read everything I could find and watched a diet of YouTube videos, all informing me about the Ghan railway. My husband laughs and asks why I’m making the trip when I know so much already!

Now the countdown is really on. As I write I have only 38 days until I start my journey, 41 days until I board the train.

Am I excited? You bet I am. And I’ve proved to myself I can make dreams come true.